Sunday, August 9, 2015


Bread and Butter Zucchini Pickles

First I start with the squash, This was about 3 pounds of zucchini and trombetta.

then I trim them up and weigh them.  Here is about two pounds' worth, trimmed:

Then cut them into pickle sized strips. These are about as long as my finger:

For each pound of squash you will need 2 TB salt.  Use plain or pickling salt: (whoops, unintentional product placement...)
For each pound of squash use about 1/2 an onion. More if you like onion.  Yellow or red, it doesn't matter!
toss veg with salt and wait 10 minutes:
cover with cold water:
weigh down with a plate, wait 1 hour:
for each pound of squash you will need :
*2 cups of vinegar and 
*1 cup of sugar.  
You can use apple cider vinegar if you prefer...
to the vinegar and sugar add :
*1 tsp of turmeric,
*1 -1/2 tsp dry mustard, and
* 1 -1/2 tsp mustard seed.
(I prefer Coleman's mustard, though it is pricey.)
after an hour, drain the veggies... AUUGH didn't get that picture!

bring the brine and spices to a boil
put the veggies in their jars... one pound makes about a quart of pickles... 
(I only had a gallon jar today, though.)

Pour the boiling brine over the veggies.  
Be careful!  
The turmeric in the brine will stain counters and clothes... ask me how I know....
Stir it gently... bring to room temp... put in fridge.
Ready to eat in 2 days.
Keeps indefinitely, or until all gone!
this is what I had left of my squash:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

cabled crochet sox

so I finished the Cabled Crochet Socks and I'm really happy with them. thanks to Lauren Irving, the designer, for helping!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oh! Lokun's Dream

This scarf done for a lady friend. Made from repurposed fingering weight lambswool.

Oh! Lokun's Dream

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

chess set etc

In Other News:

I bought a pattern for this chess set from cozycoleman on etsy.... here goes with the adding the picture experiment:

Ima Zombie

So, I signed up for a crochet war in which the weapons were amigurumi bears made to order.
I "killed" my first target with a green bear (made with a neat green/gold yarn), but didn't get another target in time before I was
YARNILY ASSASSINATED by a variegated blue bear ( very demurely holding a bouquet of beaded forgetmenots)...

but, haha! I resurrected and am now working on a Raspberry Icicle Bear. Beware the Zombie Hook of dooooooooom

Monday, July 14, 2008

finished project?

ALMOST finished project! Filet crochet valence with the word DOOM, hearts and flowers, a lacy border of crocheted fuschias (which, according to DD, since it is in maroon, reminds her ever so daintily....of dripping blood). Rather than 'american gothic', it's gothic americana. It's blocking right now, and has a date with a dowel rod, a window, and a camera.... in that order.... It took approximately 4 balls of crochet cotton. Luckily I was able to score 2 from the consignment craft store for 2 bucks, and the other two were stash-busting. Woo hoo for finishing a project!
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

California Coffee Roasters online- BEWARE

Ok, I ordered from these people, very nice.
They sent my package, but it broke in transit 5 WEEKS ago. (I never received the package, UPS sent it back to them).
I never received ANY information from these people. I called them repeatedly, I e-mailed their "returns" department three separate times.
Finally, in desperation, I contacted the Better Business Bureau.
Thanks to the Better Business Bureau, they have sent me a refund.
All these guys would have had to do is CALL me. Or E-Mail me. Just LET ME KNOW what is happening with my order??
I'm really sorry I had to go so far as to call the BBB. On the other hand, it did get me my refund.
So, WARNING WARNING. IF you choose to do business with these people, and there is some problem with your order, DO NOT EXPECT TO BE TREATED WELL. IN FACT, EXPECT TO BE COMPLETELY IGNORED.