Thursday, July 10, 2008

California Coffee Roasters online- BEWARE

Ok, I ordered from these people, very nice.
They sent my package, but it broke in transit 5 WEEKS ago. (I never received the package, UPS sent it back to them).
I never received ANY information from these people. I called them repeatedly, I e-mailed their "returns" department three separate times.
Finally, in desperation, I contacted the Better Business Bureau.
Thanks to the Better Business Bureau, they have sent me a refund.
All these guys would have had to do is CALL me. Or E-Mail me. Just LET ME KNOW what is happening with my order??
I'm really sorry I had to go so far as to call the BBB. On the other hand, it did get me my refund.
So, WARNING WARNING. IF you choose to do business with these people, and there is some problem with your order, DO NOT EXPECT TO BE TREATED WELL. IN FACT, EXPECT TO BE COMPLETELY IGNORED.

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